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S p e c t r u m    O f    

L E A N    S i x    S i g m a    R o l e s

Deployment Champion: Executive who leads Lean Six Sigma program deployment and ensure alignment with corporate strategy.


     Champions: Champion-trained business leaders who lead the deployment of         Lean Six Sigma in their business unit

               Process Owners: Managers who are directly

                responsible for a process. They own the financial

                results and must sustain improvements.



                            Master Black Belts:Fully-trained quality leaders

                              responsible for Lean Six Sigma strategy, training,

                              mentoring, deployment and results.



                                         Black Belts: Fully-trained LeanSix Sigma experts

                                            who lead improvement teams, workprojects across

                                             the enterprise and mentor GreenBelts.



                                                        Green Belts: Trained individuals who                                                                 apply Lean Six Sigma skills to projects in
                                                            their job areas.                                                              

                                                                 Team Members: Individuals                                                                            who receive focused Lean Six                                                                                Sigma training and support 
                                                                     projects intheir areas. 

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