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Team Biographies

Senior Consultant, Greg Winston


Senior business process improvement manager with 20+ years experience shortening timelines, cutting costs, and improving outcomes for both customers and staff members. ISO 20000 Certified Lead Auditor.  Senior Council Member of Virginia Native American Tribe.

Specialties: Business Process Re-engineering (BPR, TQM, SPI), IT Governance, IT Service Management (ISO 20000), Mission Focused Operations, Relevant, actionable metrics, Group Facilitation, and Organizational Re-design

Education:  University of Richmond (BA, Psychology), George Mason University (MA, Industrial/Org Psychology)

Senior Consultant, Derick Carter


Mr. Carter is a practitioner of business process reengineering and information engineering.  He has initiated, led, and managed numerous large-scale projects.  Mr. Carter has facilitated Groupware workshops for the Defense Logistic Agency, reengineered business process for Indiana Police Department & UUnet, lead conceptual database design and forward-engineering initiatives for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and co-authored the Neustar’s and IBSS Quality Manual which led to the company becoming ISO certified.  Mr. Carter has over  eighteen years as an IT Management Consultant supporting fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and large defense contractors. Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. 

Education:  Howard University (BA, Business Admin), University of Maryland (MS, E-Commerce, MBA)

Webmaster, Marvin Ratchford


30 years ago around the time of Disney's Pixars creation Marvin formed a Albuquerque video game company in 1985. Vaudeville, its first product, was a 3-D plate spinning game written in 6502 machine code for the Commodore 64.


During stints as a musician for 25 years in both blues and reggae bands, and 5 albums on Apple's Itunes under his artist name Marvin D, he also managed a computer consulting company, M.D. Enterprises, for 10 years.


Returning to the computer world after advanced coding freelancing for a decade he is now pursuing mastery of HTML, CSS, Javascript, C, Ruby, Python and PHP among other industry essential languages.


Marvin's intent is elite rapid website construction that interfaces with the user both comfortably and efficiently.

Intern, Elba Ayala


Ms. Ayala is LEAPS Consulting's first Intern.  Ms. Ayala does the graphic arts and IT Support for LEAPS Consulting.  Ms. Ayala is pursuing her degree in Graphic Design. 

Intern, Kristine Hatton


Ms. Hatton is an Intern with LEAPS Consulting and is the Executive Assistant.  Ms. Hatton has a degree in Criminal Justice, and is considering a second degree in either Wildlife Biology or nursing.  

Business Phone: 703 362 2318
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