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L E A N    S i x    S i g m a    C o u r s e s

• Yellow Belt

   – This is a short day course for the entire workforce to understand LEAN Six Sigma concepts and be good improvement team members. Accredited by the Council of Six Sigma Certification.

• Green Belt

   – This is a week long course packed to help students achieve their Green Belt Lean Six Sigma certification.  Green Belts lead process improvement efforts, and Rapid Improvement Events at the shop, department or/and assist Black Belts.  Course is accredited by the Council of SI Sigma Certification.  This is same body that provides ASQ and University of Villanova their accreditation.

• Black Belt

   – This two week long course is packed to help students achieve their Black Belt certification.  Black Belts mentor Green Belts and address enterprise level process improvements.

• Champions Course

   – This is a day long course designed for executives to understand their roles and responsibilities for leading Lean Six Sigma efforts enterprise wide.

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