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I attended a funeral of one of our pilots who had just died in a aircraft mishap.  I was just appointed as aircraft maintenance squadron commander.  Lots of pilots attended the funeral as well and some of them were classmates at the Air Force Academy. One of the other pilot’s kids, about 8 years old, came up to me, reached out for my hand and said, “My daddy says he is going stay alive because of you.  Is that true?”


I paused and thought to myself a hundred different answers, but simply said,  “Yes. I will keep your daddy alive.  Don’t worry.”


Only then did I ask myself, "How am I going to keep his daddy alive?" Only then did "Quality" have meaning to me. I internalized the meaning of reliability, metrics, processes and integrity. For me, "quality" became more than just a theory; it became a promise.


LEAPS will bring that commitment to every engagement.  LEAPS is committed to bringing Integrity, Execution and Wisdom to every client, every time.  It's “Why we do what we do.”  It's not about the money (although we care), it's about doing something bigger than ourselves. It's about helping our clients be the "Awesome" your company's or agencies vision calls for.








           Lean Six                  Business

             Sigma                 Performance


1. We help you implement several ISO standards. We train you in ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 20000 (ITIL, Service Management) and ISO 27000 (Information Security). This gives you the basis for articulating your operations.


2. We get your people certified in LEAN Six Sigma with Green and Black Belts.  Once you have operational processes; to stay competitive and to deliver on your promises, each client must continuously improve. We give you the tools to make relentless improvement a way of life. We also help you implement the concepts and methodologies.


3. We give you Operational Performance Management (not HR ratings). We help you develop, measure and execute your strategy and vision.


4. We are experts at training for results, for effectiveness, for ROI.


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