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I was in a 12-person catamaran . . . 


... just a couple miles off the Hawaii coast when three Humpback whales suddenly appeared within a few feet of our boat.  My first thought was that this huge animal, 4 to 5 times longer than our tiny boat, might accidentally knock us over and not even notice they did it.  Then amazingly, one whale glided under our boat and blinked at me just 2 feet away. Blink. Then without even causing a tremor, he did the same on the other side of our boat. We had this “eye conversation” for a few seconds.  I was awed by his gentleness and his instant grasp of our predicament.  He disappeared for about 8 seconds, reappeared at a safe distance and put on an acrobatic display that brought a “Washington Monument 4th of July” chorus of ooh's and ahh's from all of us.  Huge splashes. Graceful leaps.  Awesome power! Elegance! Perfection! I was mesmerized, inspired, and personally changed forever. 


LEAPS Consulting is a catalyst that helps your organization create that same sense of indescribable, whale-like internal power. We help you achieve big leaps and pursue perfection through small steps. We understand it’s not about achieving perfection; it’s about relentlessly pursuing it.  In a world of horrible consequences and inflexible systems, creating and implementing solutions is not for wimps. It takes a warrior’s courage to achieve powerful “leaps” with whale-like mastery. You will need uncanny leadership, wily execution, whole team alignment, integrity in performance and all done at the speed of change. LEAPS Consulting helps you weed out the important daily challenges, the right ones, those that demand elegant and powerful solutions.


Be like the powerful Humpback! Put awesome on your team by putting LEAPS Consulting on your team. 

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